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[X-RAY] Food Foreign Matter Inspector X-1

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The X-RAY foreign material inspection machine is a food-only inspection machine, which is the final inspection stage after food packaging.

The general conveyor-type metal detector has the disadvantage of being treated as defective even if there is metal in the packaging.

In the case of vinyl + wire packaging that is common in the market, the conveyor metal detector is recognized as defective, but the X-RAY inspector can filter the packaging.

Products packaged in aluminum such as cans must use a mandatory X-ray inspection machine.

Our company's X-RAY products are divided into X-1, X-2, X-3, X-4 according to the measurement size and speed.

In case of X-1~3, put the product to be measured on the left entrance and it will move to the measuring section along the belt.

Measurements are made in an instant without the need to stop the belt, and products without foreign substances are passed through the right outlet.

When a foreign object is detected, the operation stops with a warning sound.

The X-4 is an essential machine for mass production.

By connecting the inlet and outlet with a conveyor, it can pass up to 90M per minute (can = about 70,000 per hour)

It is a method of separating when foreign substances are detected, and the conveyor does not stop, increasing production efficiency.

Measurements are iron 0.3mm, copper 0.5mm, stainless steel 0.5mm, glass mm, and ceramic 1.5mm.
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Product Name [X-RAY] Food Foreign Matter Inspector X-1
Price $69,630.24
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결제방법 [1] 무통장 [2] 금융할부(리스)
제작기간 신규+맞춤제작 약 3~6주 !
전시유무 전시장 보유중 ( 김포 전시장 )
제품개조 맞춤제작 지원가능
무상보증 구입일 + 6개월 무상AS
인수방법 [1] 공장방문인수 [2] 화물인수
출장설치(유료) 전문가 출장설치+세팅교육 (별도)
정부지원금 정부사업지원+설비투자 법인세 혜택지원
카달로그 상담후 30분내 견적서 이메일 제공



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